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    So I'm just gonna make a quick small statement about yesterdays crate key all and then I will get straight into the updates!

    As many of you were aware, yesterday the 22nd of July, a Crate Key all happened on our servers as announced in Rushers video. I would first like to state that it was NOT promised to be a certain type of key. You were told EITHER a Normal Crate Key or an Ultimate Crate Key. You were not promised nor told a quantity of keys that were going to be given out.

    Last night I wasn't online for the majority of what happened, but as many are aware we hit an insane playercount which we're extremely thankful for. I was called to come home while I was in the middle of a club with some friends (I know, me? In a club? LUL) to what was a huge network outage. I came home and it had restored itself. But obviously there were many, many upset and angry users because they had waited all day. I eventually did give the key out to around 1,600 players at the time across all of the network. It was 1 Normal key & 1 Common key. I then gave out 5 more Common keys, yes these keys are gained from voting. But they also do have usual items in them such as ranks and other crate keys.

    To cut a long story short: Many players are mad that we only gave a single key out after what had happened. So with this, I am not making any sort of promises or a formal announcement right now, but I will speak with Rusher and possibly doing 1 more crate key sometime before summer ends. This is not confirmed until I make a tweet/post or Rusher mentions it in a video. It will most likely be another Normal key to make up for it, which would add up to 2 Normal keys given out. But as I said, I'll talk and see what I can do.

    Now that is out of the way. Let's get into this update!

    As promised in the video from Brayden we have the following releases/updates this week, they are mainly for the Phantom/Atlantis dimension. But we are working on updates for the whole network, which you'll see over the coming weeks.

    Update 1 - Castle

    As promised in the announcement post for Phantom, we are implementing a new PvP mode to TheArchon and it's called "Castle". Castle is essentially a KoTH that runs 24/7.

    If you don't like reading long text, watch Brayden's video:

    You can access the world with the Castle in by being atleast Level 24 on the Player Levels (which you can unlock with /level)

    The Castle is located at 0,0 in /warp pvp but there are heavy walls surrounding the Castle! To enter the Castle you must break through them. Each block has a 75 durability. They will slowly change colour as the durability is broken, but if they are left with durability mined and not finished, they will slowly replenish back to the 75 durability.

    Once you have entered the Castle there will be a centre point in which you must neutralise, this can take upto 10 minutes. Can be neutralised with multiple Factions on the point at the same time.

    Once you have neutralised the point, if with other Factions you will HAVE to kill them other wise your Faction will be unable to capture the point. Capturing the point will take the same amount of time it took to neutralise the point.

    Once it has been captured your Faction will instantly start gaining Castle rewards. The Castle rewards right now are as follows:

    $20,000 every 15 minutes
    $200,000 every 3 hours. You will also gain the $20,000 during this time.
    2.5 mcMMO XP Booster for the WHOLE Faction.

    The money is added to your Faction Bank. Which can be accessed with /f bank.

    ** Faction Leaders - You are able to make it so certain ranks are unable to withdraw funds from the Faction Bank using the /f perm setting. **

    You will gain these rewards until the Castle is neutralised. The Faction that has the point neutralised is able to patch up the Castle walls if a Faction is attempting to break in. There is only one block you can break in with. That block is Obsidian. It will start at a 5 break durability. But it will slowly generate health up until the 75 durability mark. It will take around an hour to build that durability per/block.

    Update 2 - Sethomes

    I'm pretty proud of this update. This is most likely one of the biggest requested features among alot of Faction servers and that is the ability to purchase extra sethomes. You will be able to purchase them on our store: - They will be under the "Perks" section.

    We have successfully made it so that if you already have sethomes either via a rank or even purchasing them, purchasing more from the store will ALLOW them to stack!


    I am a $20 Donator and I gain 3 sethomes with that rank. I then purchase an extra 3 sethomes from our store. I will be able to set 6 sethomes on that server I have purchased them on.

    I would also like to note that purchasable sethomes also stack.

    This is going to be pushed globally and will be out on all servers within the next few hours.

    Update 3 - New Pages on Player Levels

    We will be releasing the next page of Player Levels as promised. This will involve some crazy spawners, crate keys and more!

    Castle & Player Levels are exclusive to Phantom and Atlantis Dimension, for now. So they will be released on the next server reboot which I will manually do very soon.

    Sethomes will be pushed globally along with some small network improvements for lag and other fixes.

    This concludes the first weekly update for TheArchon. The support has been phenomenal and we cannot thank you enough. You guys have blown our minds with the player counts, server support and the love on Brayden's videos :)


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