Weekly Update! Hardcore Factions - 3rd Page & Double XP!?

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    Today we are bringing you another update, as promised! This week we have a fresh new Dimension releasing, a brand new page of /levels and we're going to be enabling Double XP!

    The new Dimension

    The new Dimension is called "The Hardcore Dimension" for those who are not aware @Coby has been working extremely hard on a brand new realm. This realm is going to our very first Hardcore Factions server. For those who do not know what a HCF (or Hardcore Factions) server is, please click the link that will be posted below.

    With that release, we will be doing a HUGE 3 day exclusive 35% sale for only Hardcore Dimension related items. This includes ranks (both permanent and temporarily), kits & more! The sale will be enabled on Friday and will end Sunday!

    Important Information (CLICK)

    Hardcore Factions - The Basics (CLICK)

    Double XP + Levels Page

    As promised, we have another page of our Player Levelling system! This page will give you crate keys, money pouches and even access to exclusive perks that you can get on our store! Please note: Perks are limited to that map only, if that server resets or closes, the permission will be removed.

    We are enabling a Double XP weekend for ALL servers! This Double XP weekend will start Friday and end Sunday night, similar to the HCF sale!

    And that concludes this weekly update post! We will have another weekly update post next week, you're not going to want to miss it..



    PS. If you play Black or Blue, you definitely wont want to miss it ;)
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