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    Hey Adventurers,

    If you haven't already seen these updates, here's a brief announcement about some new updates that have just been released as well as a throwback update that was brought back to life.

    The Warlord kit originally was released and taken off, a few seasons ago, but is now back on the server to stay.
    Those that purchase the Warlord kit from store.thearchon.net , are able to equip a set of iron armor that gives players the ability to use 'runes'.


    These are special items that grant status effects when used, to the wearer and faction members nearby.
    Also certain runes can also be used to grant negative status effects to those in enemy factions.


    The benefits of the runes come with the fact that the armor is Iron. Fear not, the iron armor is fully enchanted.


    Also along with this update, we have also introduced a new update to the King of the Hill event that goes on each day, on all of our servers.


    A new command, "/koth schedule", provides players the exact time of upcoming koths, along with the ability to hover over the text to see an exact amount of time until the koth happens.

    Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween.

    TheArchon Team
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