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    As many of you are already aware, Factions Aqua will be reset. With that, we will also be renaming the server to "The Skyline Dimension". All the rank names will stay the same for now, but they will most likely change in the future.

    Reminder: There is currently a 25% sale active on our store right now!
    This plans to end this weekend, so grab your crate keys, ranks, extra perks while you can at a discounted price!

    Anyway, onto the reset.

    It will be resetting TODAY the 13th of July at 5pm EST.
    I would like to apologize for the terribly late post. It's my fault and I own up to it, but I did set a whitelist message informing of the reset day when we shut it down.

    All Crate Key Balances will be reset on The Skyline Dimension.

    The server will have a Factions Top prize which will compete in a 5 Faction v 5 Faction from The Phantom Dimension. The top 5 Factions from each dimension will compete in a series of events and the winners will be chosen from there.

    This means 2 Factions from Skyline and 3 from Phantom could win the $5,000 Factions Top prize. We will announce closer to the closing date when we will be making the final snapshot of the data so we can start the events.

    With that, The Skyline Dimension will be gaining a ton of new features:

    - Brand new Custom Enchantments system
    - Unique way to upgrade Book Tiers - The Levelizer
    - Conquest (Access is bought through ingame money)
    - Castle (Access is bought through ingame money)

    Already released:
    - Mob Spawner Leveling System
    - Player Leveling System for rewards
    - Brand New July Monthly Crate
    - Archon Mines - MineSweeper in Minecraft (Access is bought through ingame money)
    - Coinflip (Access is bought through ingame money)
    - ShopGUI
    & much more!

    We first introduced Custom Enchantments just over a year ago here on TheArchon and it was a sensational hit, everybody loved it.
    We decided that we wanted to continue the legacy of the Custom Enchantments, but introducing more enchantments than you can possibly remember!

    This version of our Enchantments will have very limited Enchantments compared to The Phantom Dimension.

    You will be able to view every enchantment ingame via the GUI and a brief description of what they do.

    We also wanted to change up the way you upgrade your enchantments so we came up with the Levelizer.

    The Levelizer can be accessed from the /ce GUI.
    You will then shift-click the book you are looking to upgrade and it will prompt you with a price. You will be upgrading the books using INGAME MONEY. Each rank will have a different chance of the book being a successful upgrade.

    Chances are as stated:

    Default - 15% chance
    $20 - $100 - 22% chance
    $175-$600 - 30% chance

    The costs of each tier is as follows:

    Tier I Upgrade (per/attempt): $75,000
    Tier II Upgrade (per/attempt): $150,000
    Tier III Upgrade (per/attempt): $275,000
    Tier IV Upgrade (per/attempt): $500,000
    * Subject to change prior to release

    If your upgrade fails, the item won't be deleted or removed though.

    You will purchase Custom Enchantments via the GUI in which you can access by typing: /ce

    When we were discussing how we wanted players to grind and gain rewards for doing that, we came up with the idea of a leveling system similar to the Spawner system.
    This time, however, rather than being able to place spawners, you gain rewards throughout the levels.

    When playing, you simply type one of the following commands:


    And it will open a GUI that looks like this:

    * When the book is glowing, that mean the level is completed

    All players will start at Level 1.

    You are not guaranteed a reward every level you purchase, the rewards are spread-out throughout the levels. There will be 150 Levels in total, but only releasing with 45.

    You are NOT able to purchase Level 35 if you're level 31. You must purchase each rank individually. Some ranks will not give you anything, you are able to view this via the lore as such:


    But then there are levels which include some awesome rewards:


    Rewards include:
    Ranks ($20 & 50)
    Ability to /fly
    Crate keys
    Spawners (lots of them)
    Trench Pickaxes
    Harvest Hoes
    Access to certain perks (Coinflip, Warp PvP, ArchonMines & more)
    Enchanted Items
    Exclusive Items
    & much much more

    Conquest is an extremely known gamemode within the HCF community. It is essentially multiple koths at the same time in the same world using a points system.

    Conquest is a 3-zone map. The map contains three separate capture points. Your Faction has to hold as many as the capture points for as long as they can. The longer they hold the Conquest cap zones, the more points the Faction gains. Your Faction will gain Conquest points every couple of seconds.

    The win Conquest - The first Faction that achieves 200 points or the Faction with the most points after the timer is up will win.

    There is only one way in the Conquest map and that is by purchasing access via the Levelling system and then you'll have access to the command "/warp conquest". You are NOT able to teleport anybody into the Conquest world. The only way to leave the Conquest world is by dying or leaving via the command "/spawn". Once you have used the Conquest warp, it will have a 25 minute cooldown so that you are unable to teleport home and constantly return.

    More information released at a later date, Castle will be released once we've finished some issues with it.
    This will be within the first two weeks of the Phantom release.

    Sorry <3

    So which Dimension is going to provide the winners? Will it be 5 winners from Skyline? 5 winners from Phantom? or a mixture? We will find out.

    I'll see you at 5pm EST.


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