The Maze Event: Factions Atlantis

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    In the battle for the reward, players must go through a complex maze, with PvP enabled. All players on Factions Atlantis will have complete access to participate in the event. Team up with your faction to battle your rivals and obtain the loot at the end.
    With some of the suggestions that we have seen from the community, we have heard that you all wanted more events to take place. Myself and @SheepeyDarkness have created a Maze Event for Atlantis. We are both staff on Atlantis, so we are planning to only host the event there. Us together might possibly create the event on the other servers, so be on the lookout and check back on the forums! Also, I apologise for being SUPER late on the post, we have been working on things, and weren't too sure if the event could take place. Without me saying random words, lets get into the important stuff:

    Rewards (For the faction that wins):
    • $10 million
    • 2 Stacks of Creeper Eggs
    • 5 Iron Golem Spawners
    • 10 Blaze Spawners
    • 2 Stacks of Obsidian Gen Buckets
    • 1 Efficiency 10 Trench Pickaxe
    • 6 Beacons
    • And some more secret things (Look below in red)
    Extra rewards are hidden in chests around the maze. These chests are for players, not the faction, so if you obtain a chest within the maze, that is for YOU!
    All players who are participating in the event, must be ready to go at 3:00pm EST. We will start the maze shortly after 3:00pm hits.

    Again, I am sorry for making the post EXTREMELY late, and yes I admit that it is my fault. Hopefully we will be more prepared for upcoming events. Thanks for taking a look, hope to see you at the event!
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