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    Hello! All the staff members have been working extremely hard to produce Map 1 for everyone. In this post I’m going to be talking about the map type, max enchantments, some sneak peaks, and some extra way to get keys.

    Release date: August 12, 2017 @ 2PM EST

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    First, this map is going to consist of:

    • 5 man factions
    • Protection I
    • Sharpness I
    • 2000x2000 for the first week, extended every 500 every week
    • No allies
    • 3-4 week map

    (For a more detailed list, type /mapkit on the Hardcore server on release)

    There will be an FTOP prize (buycraft voucher for first map) for the top 3 factions:
    • $250 for 1st place
    • $150 for 2nd place
    • $100 for 3rd place
    FTop is enabled as an extra. This allows us to reward the best / most active Factions on the map, and will make a more competitive / enjoyable map as there will be more of an end goal than usually seen on regular HCF servers. FTop will be calculated by valuable blocks placed and in chests in your claims(including spawners), faction balance, land value, and event captures (KoTH, Conquest, and EOTW).

    Classes enabled:
    • Bard
    • Archer
    • Rogue
    • Miner

    Trailer Upload Requirements:

    Trailer Upload: {link will be posted soon}
    Requirements: Must have 500+ subs to receive Divine key and 1000+ subs to receive 2 Ender keys.
    Instructions: Upload the trailer and then link to staff member or (@Cobae) on twitter to receive your rewards.

    HCF Basics:
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