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    Just wanted to make a post to say that the server is currently online for everybody to play. We hope it continues to stay online and have no further downtime/issues. This has hit us greatly too, not only have you guys, the players and supporters lost a huge amount of time grinding to win those f top prizes.. We have lost the trust from our community, but I assure you, we worked all through the night to get the server stable again.. This doesn't mean it wont go down again fyi.

    As I wrote the above text we went offline. So no, we dont have a proper solution in place yet to fully mitigate it. But we're working on it. For some reference, these are the people that were hitting off the EA (Battlefield servers) around this time last year, so for those saying "buy protection" "buy new servers" we have all that, but it's a case of the attacks being so large they are effecting other networks that are absolutely nothing to do with TheArchon

    Anyway on to what this post is actually about! We deployed a modification to the way users are allowed to use their homes based on Faction territory. We have made it so that you are no longer able to sethome or teleport to homes based in a Factions land. This is to bring down the amount of insiding that users are doing and make Faction Owners and their members feel a little more safe going to bed.

    With that, we know that you would like the ability to let certain ranks or certain Faction relations be able to teleport and sethome in the land, so this post is to simply announce a brand new Faction Perm:

    The Faction Perm is called "phomes"

    By default ALL Faction Ranks (Recruit, Member, Officer, Co-Leader & Leader) will be able to sethome & teleport to homes in your land. You will need to modify this via the normal /f perm command. You can also modify it for Enemy & Allies.

    We have also done a fix to Faction members not being able to open containers. The Container perm no longer interacts with the Access perm. So if they have access and don't have container perm, they wont be allowed to open chests. But if they don't have access but have the container perm, they can access the chests. This is a change heavily requested from players due to Faction members unable to open containers regardless of their perm settings.

    Hope this helps and provides you some information! This will be deployed for the next server reboot.


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