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    TheArchon servers :
    • Infectious Dimension - 2pm
    • Atlantis Dimension - 3pm
    • Kronos Dimension - 4pm
    • Monarch Dimension - 5pm
    • and Oblivion Dimension - 6pm
    will all be having their FTop placement results announced this Sunday.
    Due to a pending update, all 5 dimensions will have their FTop close on Sunday and prizes rewarded to winners.
    Admins will be noting down winning factions at the times listed above..

    Please have all your spawners up by this time and have your leaders on at according times.
    If the leader is not on, a co-leader is fine as well, but this is the user who will be sending in the paypal email.

    Factions that have FTop and try to win multiple placements will have both prizes revoked.
    This includes Factions that give FTop to others to have them win prizes as well.

    TheArchon Team
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