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    Sorry for the lack of announcements and information posted over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work developing and planning the next season of Factions! With that, there will be a video from Brayden tonight giving you all the information in regards to the current season of Factions for the $5,000 Factions Top Prize!

    The September Crate will be on the store within the next hour or two and will be available on all servers! The September Monthly crate will last until October and you will only be allowed to purchase 1 of them on the whole network.

    Here is what the contents of the September Monthly crate hold:


    We have tried to change the keys up and have less money pouches and more awesome features!

    You can purchase this from our store:

    There will be a post during this weekend giving you the information about the new season and possibly some leaks for the next season, it's looking spicy!


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