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    So it's been a little while since we did an update!
    This was supposed to be released a little while ago but we've been working on a ton of updates in which you'll see very, very #soon.

    Before I announce these, all servers will have a within the next hour and a half to fix a major cannon bug, release some performance improvements and a few other minor issues.

    Now, onto the updates! This update is aimed at players who are looking to test their luck!

    Introducting.. Minesweeper in Minecraft:

    Not so many years ago, I would play Minesweeper on my PC for hours, always trying to avoid those damn bombs!

    We've been working on ways that will allow users to have fun with their in-game money.
    I am happy to bring to you Minesweeper in Minecraft! You will be able to test your luck in our brand new feature.

    We have made it extremely easy to use, all it takes is a command and a few clicks and you could be rich or you could lose your money..

    The way it works is that you will wager a certain amount of money and there will be X amount of TNT and X amount of Diamonds. If you manage to hit a Diamond that means you have hit the next reward, but if you manage to hit the TNT you will lose all the money you wagered along with any extra you won. Mines are defined via TNT.


    Example usage:
    /mines 10000 24 - This would mean that there is only 1 diamond and the rest are TNT. If you're extremely lucky and manage to get that diamond, you would profit a huge $190,000 in-game cash!


    So, I attempted my luck...


    You are able to cash out at anytime via clicking the Chest button or simply closing the inventory.

    The default amount of mines is 5.

    Now, let's sit back, relax and have a few drinks!

    Introducing - TheArchon's Official Drink Store! (Or better known as "The Bar")

    This one is a little more simpler!

    You will be able to purchase Bar drinks from our amazing bar staff that are located at /warp bar on all servers.

    You can have the chance to lose your money or double it back. Prices range from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Only the hardcore drinkers will be able to withstand the $1,000,000 drink!

    Upon talking to our bar staff (right-clicking) they will prompt you with a menu in which you can see our selection of our refreshing beverages.


    You will be able to take a sneak-peak at what we have to offer by simply hovering over the beverages!


    To purchase simply click the one you're looking to buy. Make sure to have enough money in your wallet & a slot free in your inventory!

    Upon drinking the beverage you will either double your money or have drunk more than you can handle and throw up. Or unless you're like me and super lucky, double your money back!


    That's it for this update! This update was sponsored by Napkin0fTruth.

    In all seriousness, we are really working hard on improving the bugs and releasing new updates. Stay tuned for more updates!

    For those asking about Rusher uploading, he is planning to return this week.
    He has had to dedicate a crazy amount of time to studying the last two or so weeks so he just has not had time to record. He will be back on the Minecraft grind this week!



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