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    First: We are giving away $100 Store Giftcard. Simply RT the tweet I will link below and make sure you're following:


    Today I am extremely happy to finally announce Factions Black reset! With the reset we will be merging the server to our brand new Dimensions! The official name for Factions Black will be

    The Oblivion Dimension

    The Oblivion Dimension will be resetting on the 18th of August, this coming Friday! This season will feature a huge Factions Top prize, brand new features and improvements

    There will be a 20% sale to celebrate the reset / release of The Oblivion Dimension starting Friday @ 12:00am EST and it will last until 11:59pm EST Sunday.

    You'll be able to save 20% on ranks, tags, extra abilites and more!

    STORE <--- Click to be linked to our shop!

    The following will NOT be reset:
    1. Ranks
    2. Extra perks / kits (Sell hand, Sell Wand, Faction Fly etc)
    3. Tags
    What will be reset:

    1. Balances
    2. Inventories (Including Player Vaults & Enderchests)
    3. Spawner Levels
    4. Factions Data
    5. Sethome
    6. Crate key balances
    Here is some misc information for the reset:

    50 players per/faction
    1 Ally per/faction
    50 Power per/player (instant on first login)
    15,000 x 15,000 World Border
    4,000 x 4,000 Nether Border
    4,000 x 4,000 Sandstone End

    Features / Changes

    The Oblivion Dimension will be gaining many of the desired and requested features and changes from the current Dimensions! Those features include:

    • $1250 Factions Top Prize (Placement amounts will be announced in the future)
    • Brand new Levelling System
    • Conquest
    • Castle
    • Custom Enchantments (Very limited enchantments)
    • The Levelizer
    • CoinFlips (NEW: Minimum Coinflip will be $5,000)
    • Improved Donator Kits
    • Improved Envoy loot
    • Brand new Sethome system
    That's just for the release! We will be deploying fresh new content and improvements throughout the season of The Oblivion Dimension!

    Just wanted to make a quick note regarding the Custom Enchantments. There will be very few Custom Enchantments. Those Enchantments will be as follow:

    • Blaze
    • Glowing
    • Grind
    • Harvester
    • Haste
    • Implants
    • Leaps
    • Mermaid
    • Nutrition
    • Obsidian Destroyer (NEW)
    • Scoot
    As you can see, none of these enchantments come with any crazy boosts to help you in PvP!

    I look forward to seeing many OG faces and I expect to see many new faces for the release of the Oblivion Dimension! Prepare your Factions, design your bases and fight for your chance to win a portion of that $1,250 PayPal Prize!


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