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    It's almost closer to the start of Summer and that means so many more updates and great things for the server.
    Along with the past few additions announced recently, here's another few that mark just the start of a new beginning.

    Today I am happy to announce a brand new addition to our amazing set of crate keys!
    The contents are exemplified and brand new rewards are introduced.

    The Monthly Crate brings a whole new meaning to Overpowered Crates!
    But keep in mind, this special crate can only be purchased once a month no matter for what server, so choose wisely.
    (ex. Buying a May Crate for Factions Silver means you cannot buy one for any other server color after that)

    Chances of winning exclusive tags, special Admin items, ranks, disguises, keys and more are included in these crates.
    A new exclusive addition to this crate includes the "Money Pouch".
    This is a special item that holds a randomly generated amount of money in each one - more balance to fulfill your gambling addiction.

    This update will be deploying to servers, one by one - tonight.


    With this new update, a new update to the keys will also be taking place.
    Make sure to use up your Golden & Unique Keys by the end of the weekend or they will be lost.


    and the rest of TheArchon team.
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