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    Today is update day! We are currently planning to release new updates weekly to TheArchon. Updates can be simple plugin changes that are highly requested, new features or even complete server resets!

    With the release of Infectious just one week old, we are already about to release a brand new update that many have been requesting! This weeks update features:

    • Levels Pages (Infectious)
    • Factions Silver Reset (Kronos Dimension)
    • Two Brand New Faction Perms
    • Improved Point gaining system
    • Improved KoTH schedule
    • Fixes and improvements!
    While most of these updates and improvements apply to the Infectious Dimension, we have plans for complete global updates. What I can confirm right now is that there will be another Dimension wipe next week! That Dimension being wiped is Atlantis! More information to follow.

    With the Kronos Dimension upon us (just over 24 hours to go!) I am happy to announce that we will be running a global 24 hour sale starting from 00:00 ET tonight and it will end at 11:59pm ET on Saturday night! This is a global sale!

    You can purchase ranks, perks, kits and October Monthly Crate from our store at a discounted rate:

    shop.thearchon.net - 15% sale starts at 00:00 ET!

    The first pages of the /levels plugin will be loaded live within the next few hours on The Infectious Dimension! You will be able to achieve the following:
    • Spawners
    • Hoppers
    • Access to limited commands (/coinflip)
    • Ores
    • Trench Pickaxes
    • EXP Levels!
    We are not promising each page every week as previous, they will be released in periods with other updates!

    We have been talking directly with players and have decided that we need to add more ways to gain points. So we have decided to expand on the Factions Wealth points gained. The following has changed:

    Rather than just giving Faction Points to the #1 Faction based on /f wealth we have upped the points and gave a dedicated set amount of points to each position. Positions on /f wealth #1 until #10 will gain Faction Top points!

    Many seem to be unaware but attempting to farm points, boost points or exploit points will result in your Faction being disbanded, disqualified and potentially blacklisted, permanently.

    The two new Faction perms are called "Trust" and "TNT".

    Faction Perm Trust - This is a perm suggested by players in which you will be required to have granted in order to mine extremely valuable items! Items such as:
    • Hoppers
    • Spawners
    • Beacons
    • Dispensers
    If you have any suggestions of which will be protected by this, let us know! To mine these you will also require the BUILD permission!

    Faction Perm TNT - It's in the name! You will require this perm along side the BUILD perm in order to be able to place TNT in your Faction land!

    We have also done some minor and misc changes to Robots, Enchantments, Fishing and other smaller plugins!

    I look forward to the Kronos Dimension release (reset) tomorrow and next weeks updates!

    Thanks for all the support!

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