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    Today I am extremely happy to finally announce Factions Silver reset! With the reset we will be merging the server to our brand new Dimensions! The official name for Factions Silver will be:

    The Kronos Dimension
    The Kronos Dimension will be resetting the 14th of October, this coming Saturday! We decided to do the reset on Saturday as it allows ALL players to be around and ready along with no worries of being in pesky school!

    We will be releasing the October Monthly to The Kronos Dimension! You can get the monthly, other crate keys, insane ranks and more from our webstore! There will be more information below on the extremely OP Monthly Crate!

    This reset we will be making heavily requested changes. We are also allowing the community to decide on the Official Base Rules The Kronos Dimension!

    Vote here:

    This map WILL feature a Factions Top prize! What that amount is will be announced within the next few days, it will be a PayPal/Buycraft prize!

    Server Information
    The Kronos Dimension will be released at 12:30PM ET on Saturday! Link below to a countdown:

    The following will NOT be reset:

    • Ranks
    • Commands
    • Special Kits (Special, Miner, Mega etc)
    • Tags

    The following WILL be reset:
    • Inventories (Items)
    • Crate Key balances
    • Sethomes
    • Balances
    • Factions Data
    • Private Vaults
    • Spawner Rankup Levels
    • Levels
    Yes, if you have won any ranks, kits, perks etc through Crate Keys you WILL keep them on the reset, they are not removed. Any perks/ranks bought through the /levels system will be removed upon the reset.

    Misc Information
    • Member Limits: 45 players per/faction
    • Power: 75 power per/player
    • Allies: 0 Allies
    • 15,000 x 15,000 Main World Border
    • 4,000 x 4,000 End Border
    • 4,000 x 4,000 Nether Border
    As mentioned above, base rules are yet to be decided as we are wanting the players to let their opinion be heard!

    Vote here:

    Features / Changes

    We are fully aware that this previous of Factions Silver was extremely long & based too much on Custom Enchantments! We will be using the same enchantment system as Infectious. These enchantments are based on the old, extremely popular enchantments from CyanX!

    I am happy to announce that The Kronos Dimension WILL feature the newly released features for The Infectious Dimension! Along with the changes and fixes!

    We know how frustrating it is to mine out your base while another Faction is attacking you or even just keep grinding those mobs! We've developed a system that is helpful to everybody.


    /bot - This will open a GUI with all the tools required to use the bot system.


    Bots come packed with 4 modes:

    Mining - Each tier of Bot will have an increased mining rate. Tier 1 will mine considerably slower than Tier 3.

    Grinding - This bot will automatically grind Mobs for you. They will only attack mobs that are spawned from Spawners or Mob Eggs! Each Tier has an increased looting.

    Chunk Loader - This has been heavily requested. This bot can simply be left to AFK while you are starting a raid, defending your base or just having some fun PvP at spawn!

    Follow - This is useless, but still fun to use! Allows the Bot to follow you anywhere.

    Bots will automatically go to sleep if an enemy is found near by, this prevents allowing users bringing them into fights as Bots are invincible, they cannot be killed or interacted with.

    You will be able to gain bots through the Monthly Crate, you can also gain Tier 2 bots through the Ultimate key, but they have an extremely rare chance but more likely to be won than a rank!

    Each tier of Bot will come with a different energy rate. This prevents Bots from grinding 24/7. Bots will need to sleep once they have reached the energy level 0. This acts as a 'cooldown' and the bot will not be spawn-able until it's energy has replenished at 100 energy. You can constantly check your Bots energy by typing /bot, it will update automatically.

    Once you have gained access to a tier of Bots, you will have access to ALL bots at that tier.
    Example - You win Tier 2 through the Monthly Crate, this will give you access to Tier 2 Mining, Grinding, Chunk Loader & Follow. You do not need to win or purchase each bot and the respective tier each time.

    Bots come equipped with an inventory an an EXP counter. You are able to empty your Bots inventory on a regular bases along with their EXP values.

    For the Mining bot, you are required to select an area in a Cuboid shape in order for the bot to know what area that they need to mine.

    To spawn the bots, you simply need to gain access and then type /bot. This will open an GUI, there will be a redstone torch, clicking that will enable your bot and spawn it at your location. The option that replaces the redstone torch is called "Destory Bot" all this does is simply but your bot into sleep.

    This explains pretty much everything that the Bots do! Keep an eye on Brayden's channel for more updates and information!

    Introducing.. TheArchon Factions Top

    We have changed the way Factions Top works. We have renamed the current Factions Top system to Wealth! To access it, you will simply type /f wealth

    We have developed a points system which will help you throughout the map! To gain points your Faction will be required to compete in events, claim envoys and raid bases!

    Ways to gain points:

    - Claiming Envoys
    - Winning KoTH's
    - Conquest
    - Castle
    - Raid Events
    - Raiding Factions
    - Having the most KoTH's won (Weekly)
    - Having the most Faction Wealth (Daily)

    Upon typing /f top you'll see a list like this:


    You can also see how many points a Faction has via /f show

    We have replaced Raid Points with the points system. Rather than gaining Raid Points, you will gain Faction Points. All limits, cooldowns and requirements are as previous.

    If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in Discord and I'll do my best to respond to them all!

    We have also listened to many requests and made some smaller changes / updates:
    • Improved Gen Buckets (New update coming soon too!)
    • Implemented a maximum amount you can CoinFlip
    • Improved /f show
    • Improved /f access
    • Implemented two /f perms
    • Implemented /f accessall
    • Upon leaving or removal of a Faction member, they will lose their factions access
    • Fly timer has been removed (temp, maybe readded in the future if issues are found)
    • Enderman will die from regular fall drop
    • Implemented a small tax on Sell Wand
    • Smaller updates/changes.
    We will also be enabling the October Monthly on the Kronos Dimension! You will be able to win access to Tier 1, 2 & 3 Bots through this crate along with so many incredible rewards!

    * Bots can also be won through the new KoTH key and Ultimate key! Best chance is through the Monthly!


    We have an update post coming Friday with Levels & more! Make sure to purchase any crate keys, ranks and extra perks on our store!


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