Infectious Base Rules / Cannon Rules

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    The rules listed below will be the base/cannon rules for Factions Phantom

    • 20 Claim chunk max from base wall. Do not add claims in front of a cannon, in front of the base to add more walls to your claim. This is breaking the rules and extending your claim.
    • No Cob Webs allowed on any walls
    • Unlimited slabs allowed
    • Torches and buttons are patched so do not waste your time placing them as they do not work
    • Regen Walls are DISABLED and lava willl blow up.
    • No Left Shooting or Reverse Hybrid. Explanation is below
    • No B**** Claims For the 1st week.
    • No Redstone at all on walls. This includes, minecarts, torches , redstone, pistons, and so on. These will instantly be deleted and if rules are being broken repeatedly, further punishment will be enforced.
    • No "unraidable" blocks. If a glitched block is found on base, it will be deleted without warning - no matter what that block is being used for on the base. Examples include - enchant tables, tilled dirt etc.
    • No Claiming next to another base, without at last an 8-10 chunk gap in between.
    • Cannon Rules -
    • B**** Claims - Basically this is if 2 players of different factions arrive at a spot, at the same time, and claim chunks at the spot. (corner claims or etc). If this happens, please contact an Admin to determine which faction owns the corner claim and which faction will have to abandon their claims there. Case by case basis - determined by faction that has the bulk of the claims in a certain area.
    • Left,Right,Reverse Shooting info - You will still be able to reverse , left, right shoot dry tnt, but once sand has traveled 60 blocks, it will no longer change directions. So with this, make sure you have enough claims in the corners of your base to block someone from right shooting and so on. Once sand travels 60 blocks it will no longer go left, right, or up. (I have tested this with a bunch of different cannons and it is in working order. If a faction bypasses this it will be illegal. That means if someone is shooting more than 60 blocks and finds a way to left shoot or reverse, it will be considered illegal and punishment will be handed out.)
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