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    Hello! As you may know, TheArchon is starting our own Hardcore Factions server. Over the past few month, our staff team has been working at ClarityMC to gain as much knowledge about HCF as we can. Myself, @MrSilky, @Resilience, and @Flashbang are all managers of this Hardcore Dimension and we will do whatever it takes to become an HCF server that people want to play on. I have developed a “HCF How To” guide for factions players that may come over from different servers.


    Deathban: Upon death, you will enter a deathban cooldown. Typically server ranks will have less of a cooldown than regular users.
    Conquest: An event on the weekend that contains 4 different KoTH Capture points in a single map. The first faction to reach a certain amount of points wins valuable loot.
    SOTW (Start of The World): When a new map starts, usually right after EOTW.
    EOTW (End of The World): An event when the map ends. All claims are unclaimed and spawn is transitioned into a KoTH where factions fight to be the EOTW winners.
    LFF: Looking for faction.
    Power Faction: A faction with above 10 members in it. Not all maps include power factions.
    Focused: You can use the command ‘/f focus <player>’ to focus your faction on a player. Their name will turn a different colour.
    DTR (Deaths Till Raidable): The point where other factions can overclaim the factions land (under 0 DTR)
    Mapkit: What max enchantments and potions are allowed. May change from map to map. Type /mapkit for an up to date list.
    Kits: Special effects and features you get from wearing a certain set of armour. More info later.


    Hardcore Factions (HCF) is a more hardcore version of the Factions gamemode we currently have on TheArchon. A lot is different about it. From the gamemodes, hardcore aspect, PvP, competitiveness, and so much more. HCF is mainly PotPvP rather than Gapple PvP (gapples usually have a 6hr cooldown on our server). The main feature is when you die, you get deathbanned for a certain amount of time (may vary from map to map - usually 1-3 hours). You can bypass this deathban with lives. You can get lives from the store or /claimlives (if you have a rank). Deathbans can also get shortened depending on your rank.


    When you first join the server, you start off with $100 where you can use that to start your claim. You have to type ‘/f deposit <amount>’ to deposit money in your factions bank and then you can type ‘/f claim’. You will receive a hoe that instructs you how to claim in the lore.


    FTop has been a huge feature on our faction servers in the past and we will be adding it to our Hardcore dimension on certain maps. What Ftop is, if you haven’t heard about it, is we calculate all factions balance, placed blocks (including spawners) in their claims, and chests in their claims to determine an accurate value of how much that faction is worth. We will typically give a reward (buycraft voucher or IRL money) to the top 3 factions. Each map will have a different FTop value. You can check the top factions by typing ‘/f top’


    There are 4 kits on our server: Bard (which requires full gold armour), Archer (which requires full leather armour), Diamond (which requires full diamond armour), and Rogue (which requires full chainmail armour). When the armour is put on, you will have special effects to help you PvP.

    Bard: Speed II, Regeneration, Resistance II
    Item click: Blaze Powder (Strength II), Ghast tear (Regeneration III), Sugar (Speed III), Feather (Jump IV), Iron Ingot (Resistance III). Can be applied to users within a certain radius.

    Archer: Speed III, Resistance II, Regeneration
    Item click: Sugar (Speed IV), Feather (Jump boost III)

    Miner: Night vision, Haste II

    Rogue: Speed III, Jump Boost II, Regeneration, Resistance
    Ability to backstab an enemy with a golden sword

    KoTH: This is a map where you must stand on the capture point to capture it. The captime will depend on the map and can go anywhere from 5-15 minutes and run multiple times a day. You will get a reward upon capture.

    Conquest: This is a weekly event where you must capture multiple cap zones. You must gain 300 capture points to capture the conquest. Essentially 4 KoTHs going at the same time in 1 map. The winners will get extremely good loot.

    Glowstone Mountain: This is a mountain in the nether where there is regenerated glowstone. Glowstone mountain will reset every 45 minutes.


    /f help
    /f stuck
    /filter add cobble
    /f top

    What is screen sharing/ssing? Why have I been “Frozen”?

    On TheArchon factions we don’t necessarily screen share as much as the HCF community. Screensharing is a process that most HCF and practice servers use to simply check if players are cheating on the network. What happens during a screen share you may ask? When a staff member believes you have a hacked client, illegal modication, or an autoclicker, you will be frozen. Being frozen means you will not be able to move, pvp, or do really anything at all. When this happens, you will have to join ts.thearchon.net and wait for a staff member to begin. When you are moved into a support room the staff member who has frozen will ask you to open something called join.me or anydesk, both of which the staff member will link you to. When you have downloaded it, the staff member will guide you through steps to ensure you don’t have a hacked client on our network. We take hacking very seriously on the Hardcore Dimension. If you do not accept the terms of screensharing presented by the staff member, we will permanently ban you from the network.

    Note: If you log out while frozen, you will be permanently banned without hesitation. We also recommend you admit if you are cheating possibly giving you more of a chance at being unbanned when appealing.

    Screensharing F.A.Q

    Q: Can we use skype / discord to connect to and screenshare?

    A: No, you are required to join Teamspeak and open either anydesk or join.me.

    Q: Am I allowed to refuse a screenshare?

    A: Technically yes, but in doing so you will be permanently banned from the server.

    Q: Can I be screenshared after the fact I’ve logged out/refused to screenshare?
    A: No, we are not allowed to screenshare users after the fact they have logged out.

    Q: Will staff look through my private information?

    A: No, staff will only look into files/browser history that are necessary to find the client, your privacy is kept between you and the staff member. If you feel there was unnecessary files the staff member was going through, please report it on the forums or contact another staff member.

    Q: Why was I banned for not joining teamspeak in time?

    A: Staff usually will give you a time limit of 3 minutes to join teamspeak and 5 if you have not downloaded it. This is to keep both you and our staff team from wasting more time than needed.

    If I have missed any features, please contact me on either twitter (@Cobae), on the forums, or on the server!

    I hope to see you at our SOTW.


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