Factions Blue - 9th of June Reset

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    This post is going to contain all the information regarding the upcoming reset for Factions Blue which will happen this Friday, 9th of June.

    We are making drastic changes and working on adding new and enjoyable features for all players to enjoy. One of the things we are changing this reset for the Original Faction servers is removing the Custom Enchantments. Along with this, all servers will now be full cannon servers. As a community poll was posted it was decided that we will be disabling Withers on all servers during the new set of resets.

    Factions Top Prizes:

    We will be taking a snapshot of the F top list at 5pm EST on the 8th of June.

    What you WILL keep during this reset:
    • In-game ranks
    • Any extra purchased tags, commands and abilities
    • Separate Kits
    What you WILL NOT keep:
    • Inventories (this includes Private Vaults, Enderchest contents etc)
    • Balances
    • Faction Data
    • Homes

    Let's get into the changes in the summer reset:

    • Removed Enchantments
    • Implementing CoinFlip (More detail below)
    • Implement Lottery (More detail below)
    • Re-implementing Archon Spawner Levels
    • Extremely improved Cannon performance
    • Improved Enderpearls
    • Brand new Shop system (Shop GUI, more detail below)
    • Fishing rewards (More detail below)
    • Extremely improved Printer
    • Improved Crate Keys (IMPORTANT: Read below)

    Crate Key changes:

    I have been working on improving our Crate Key rewards for a while now, I also promised a few weeks back of a key that can be gained via in-game methods only. This Key will be named the "Common Crate Key" which can be gained through various of ways which include voting & fishing. All of this will be implemented & more during these resets. I will make a separate post in the upcoming days announcing the changes to the crate keys and their rewards but there is an extremely important announcement regarding these:

    The following Crate Keys WILL be removed during these changes. You have up until the reset to spin them or they will be lost:

    Golden Crate Keys
    Unique Crate Keys

    They will be taken off the store this weekend for all servers too.

    Coin Flip

    Coin Flip is a feature we had planned to release during our update for Mines & Bars. But we decided to delay it and release it on the reset. Coin Flip is similar to the CS:GO game-mode.

    It is very simple. Simply typing the command /cf 1000 - this will then prompt you with the following:


    You will then be required to select your colour of choice. Upon selecting a colour the system will create a Coin Flip game for you. Players on the server can view available coinflips by typing the command /cf. It will then show them a GUI like this:


    You can now view different types of coinflips. To join a Coin Flip simply click on the Player Head in which you wish to 1v1. You must have the correct amount of funds to do this other wise you will not be able to 1v1 them in a Coin Flip.

    Once somebody has accepted your Coin Flip you will be force prompted a GUI. Due to this we highly recommend you cancel your coinflips before you go into PvP. Failure to do so may result in death.

    Players will be able to purchase a ticket to TheArchon Lottery! There is two types of Lottery which runs every 6 hours. There is the "Raffle" and the "Jackpot". Everytime you purchase a ticket, that ticket generates 3 numbers which you will find out for why below.


    The Raffle is rolled every 6 hours. There is always a winner with the Raffle. The way the Raffle is won is via a random ticket which is selected from the pot.


    The Jackpot is rolled every 6 hours along with the Raffle. The Jackpot does not have a guaranteed winner every pot. It will pick 3 random numbers, if the tickets do not match any ticket numbers then the balance of the Jackpot will be transferred to the next one.

    There is a 20% tax on all ticket purchases.

    My favourite feature!

    For those who played Factions Gold, we developed a Spawner Levelling system. This made users want to stay online and grind so that they could place and use the spawners they require.

    Each Spawner requires the user to be a certain level to place. You will be able to level by typing the command "/rankup" and this will cost a certain amount of EXP. We are yet to decide how much we wish for it to cost, but once we do, I will make a post in the correct section.

    The feature is in the name! You will now be able to access the in-game shop from anywhere.

    ALL players will have access to this virtual shop. You will be able to access it through the /shop command ingame. You will be able to buy/sell different types of items, including spawners!

    Here is an example of one of the Shop pages:


    *All prices are done by Hydra & Napkin. If you wish for a price to be adjusted, contact them first.

    Fishing! Most likely one of the features that is very rarely used on Factions, so we have decided to make a use for it! We will be using the Fishing skill from mcMMO to help players improve their own chances at gaining rewards. The higher level of mcMMO fishing you are, the higher chance of catching a rare item!

    You can now gain ultimate rewards from fishing. Rewards will vary from diamond blocks, spawners and even possibly Crate Keys.

    Fishing is going to be one of the ways in which you can earn a Common Crate Key.

    With this, all servers will be gaining mcMMO. Those servers that are none-mcMMO servers will have all the skills disabled apart from Fishing.

    With the removal of Custom Enchantments, this will make the the "Miner" kit useless. So we are introducing a custom "Trench Pickaxe" which will also be purchasable from the store as well as including it in the "Miner" kit for those who have purchased it

    The Trench Pickaxe will work like Blast III. Breaking in a 3x3 direction. We have decided to also make the pickaxe unbreakable!

    We are also doing some general updates/changes and those include:

    • 50 Power per/player
    • 100 Player limit per/faction
    • 1 Truce per/faction
    • 1 Allie per/faction
    • Each Faction will get 3 F warps
    • Fixes & improvements to Bedrock & Obsidian breaker
    • Fixhand will be disabled in combat
    • No longer able to access Enderchests while in combat
    • B*tch claims will be disallowed for the first week. Report to Napkin.
    The estimated time of reset is around 5pm EST, 9th of June. This may change.

    I hope to see many of you return and give TheArchon another chance for this reset.


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