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    Today I am going to be announcing the upcoming reset to the server that BenMascott plays known as Factions Amber!

    In the first season of Amber we offered up $2500 PayPal F TOP prizes to the first & second Faction along with $500 USD Buycraft Voucher for the 3rd. Here are the results following the announcement that the snapshot will be taken:

    1st: We have the Faction Pablo
    2nd: We have the Faction "DopeBoys"
    3rd: Last but not least, we have the Faction "Pedro"

    So now that season is over and done with, let's get into the details of the new season!

    Factions Amber will reset Saturday the 6th of May at 3pm EST.

    This season will be a cannon only server. Previously we allowed Withers and it turned out to be a huge mistake, if you played, you'd know why so this season we've decided to completely change it to cannon only.

    This season will NOT be a PayPal f top prize server, although we will be doing a Buycraft voucher f top prize!

    1st place - $500 Buycraft Voucher
    2nd place - $250 Buycraft Voucher
    3rd place - $100 Buycraft Voucher
    * Vouchers will be given to the Faction leaders only. It's upto them how they distribute the money.


    • Brand new kits for Donators
    • New $10 rank
    • No Spawner delay time
    • Factions will now have 3 f warps
    • 50 Max members per/faction
    • 50 Power per/player
    • Flat End (Cannon)
    • Enchantment Fixes

    What will be reset:

    ALL Faction Data (claims, homes, names and such)
    Inventory Data (Enderchest, private vaults & normal inventories)
    Duel Elo

    What will not be reset:

    Crate key balances
    Any extra permissions such as private vaults, faction fly, kits etc

    I'm sure Ben will have a video up explaining more information on the reset if needs be!

    Look forward to seeing the second season of Factions Amber!

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