Custom Enchantment List (Kronos, Infectious)

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    Official Enchantment List

    Weapon Enchants:

    Confusion I & II:
    Gives nausea (Sword)
    DoubleStrike III: Chance to get a double hit (Axe only)
    Frozen: Gives opposing player slowness (Axe Only)
    Grind I, II, & III: Increases xp gain (Sword)
    Haste I, II, & III: Provides ability to mine blocks faster (Sword & Axe)
    Hercules III: Chance to get strength 3 (Axe only)
    Life I & II: A low chance to steal 2 hearts from your enemy (Sword)
    LightsOut II: Gives Blindness (Sword)
    Soul I & II: Steals enemy hearts (Sword)
    Thunderous I, II, & III: Strikes Lightning (Sword)
    Withered III: Give wither decay (Sword)

    Armor Enchants:

    AntiFog II:
    Combats confusion
    AntiTank II: Comparable to thorns, but doesn't take away durability
    Beast III: Infinite Strength (Need on four pieces)
    Blaze I: Infinite fire resistance
    Bump III: Launches your enemy into the air when getting hit
    Feast I: No Hunger Loss
    Fighter III: When close to death get Strength 3
    Fish I: Infinite Water Breathing (Helmet)
    HealthBoost I, II, III: Provides extra hearts
    Implode III: Spawns creeper when you die
    Indestructible III: Increases durability (Helmet)
    Leaps I, II, & III: Provides Jump Boost (Boots)
    Reborn III: Chance to give full hearts when at low hearts
    Replenish III: Infinite regeneration
    Rescue III: Chance to spawn zombies when hit
    Retreat III: Shoots you into the air when you are low hearts
    Scoot I & II: Provides speed (Boots)
    Sunlight I: Perm Night Vision (Helmet)
    SwordBlock II: Swords do less damage
    Tank III: Ability to provide a large amount of damage to your enemies (Need on two pieces)
    Tipsy III: Gives mining fatigue, slowness and confusion
    Toughness III: Less damage to gear
    Vanish III: Chance To Give Your Enemy Blindness When You Are Getting Hit
    Weary III: Gives attacker mining fatigue

    Tool Enchants:

    BassPro III:
    Gives you increased chances on catching fish (Fishing Rod)
    Blast I, II, & III: Depending on what level, increases mining radius (Pickaxe)
    Experience I, II, & III: More xp when mining (Pickaxe)
    Haste I, II, & III: Provides ability to mine blocks faster (Pickaxe)
    ObsidianDestroyer I, II, & III: Enables you to break obby faster (Pickaxe)

    Bow Enchants:

    Arc I:
    Lighting enchantment
    Archery I, II, & III: Increases bow damage
    FiringSquad I, II & III: Shoots 5 arrows
    Freeze: Gives opposing player slowness
    HeadShot III: Chance to do 6 Hearts
    Knife: Based on a % this enchantment can potentially deal double the damage
    Lightning I, II, & III: Strikes Lightning
    LockedUp II: Freezes Attacker
    Thief III: Steals hearts from enemy

    Universal Enchants:

    DeathGrip II:
    Chance to get item back on death

    Random Enchants:

    SpeedPearls III:
    Put on Enderpeals, Throw Pearl, Get a Chance To Get Speed
    TurtleEggs III: Slowness on Snowballs

    Help received from: 27g, Aquatomic_v2, & u48 (appreciate you people)

    To be updated when more information is obtained:
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