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    Hey Adventurers!
    Another month has come by and September is next. Lots of servers have reset and many new changes have been deployed onto the servers as well. School has started for many of our players, but there are many more updates in the works still.
    Here's a congratulations to those who made August's Top 5 Monthly Voters list.

    TheArchon team truly thanks each and every one of you for taking the time and voting for TheArchon.
    For the start of September, double rewards are on for the first 12 hours, starting at 10AM EST, on September 1st.
    Remember to get those votes in and get ready for another action-packed month.

    Link to vote :

    [​IMG] 1. 94k - $50 Coupon Code
    [​IMG] 2. WitherUrWalls - $40 Coupon Code
    [​IMG] 3. Giantwolf55- $30 Coupon Code
    [​IMG] 4. Kingmaster070- $20 Coupon Code
    [​IMG] 5. Wille_BUA - $10 Coupon Code

    You will all be receiving your coupon codes via /mail or ingame message so look out for that

    Looking forward to September.
    Many more updates to come!

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