Archon Spawner Levels Explained

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    With the recent reintroduction of Spawner Levels I have seen a lot of players asking for a explanation of what exactly this is, so this post will do just that.

    Spawner Levels were first introduced on Factions Gold. The basic premise is that you use Exp to rankup your spawner level. You will not be able to place or purchase mob spawners if you are not a high enough level. You can still mine spawners as normal.

    The current levels are as follows:

    Level 1 - Chicken Spawners
    Level 2 - Pig Spawners
    Level 3 - Cow Spawners
    Level 4 - Skeleton Spawners
    Level 5 - Zombie Spawners
    Level 6 - Spider Spawners
    Level 7 - Creeper Spawners
    Level 8 - Blaze Spawners
    Level 9 - Enderman Spawners
    Level 10 - Slime Spawners
    Level 11 - Zombie Pigman Spawners
    Level 12 - Iron Golem Spawners

    Each level requires an increasing amount of Exp to rankup. You can rankup using the command /rankup or /levelup. It will tell you much Exp you need to acquire the next level. You can also use /checklevel to see what Spawner Level you are currently at.
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