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    Good afternoon,

    Firstly would like to aplogize on the late post/announcement. But I assure you, this update and Monthly Crate was worth the wait..

    We have made this Monthly Crate the most action packed possible! Featuring brand new features to TheArchon only obtainable through Monthly Crates. Those features include:

    - Boss Mobs
    - Airstrikes (two types)
    - New Tier Money Pouches

    Here is a little information on those new features/releases:

    Boss Mobs is something we've wanted to implement for along time now, since we implemented the Cow missions along time ago. It's just something we honestly kept putting to the back of our list, but I am happy to announce that we are finally releasing TWO extremely OP Boss Mobs within the August Monthly Crate.

    These Boss Mobs will NOT be able to be bought on the store, atleast for right now. They are only achieveable through the August Monthly Crate which you can purchase from HERE.

    Here is a little insight on each boss:

    The Infested Zombie (Legendary):

    Classified and covered up, this specimen was created in a failed experiment by the Government. After breaking loose and inhabiting a scientist, it wanders the lands in search for its next victim. With his special abilities he promises to be a tough fight but extremely rewarding.

    The Arachnid Queen (Regular):

    Stories speak of the hunters who venture into the Warped Forest in search for treasure. The ones who have made it back, only scream in terror about gigantic spiders and the masses they control. She promises to put up a strong fight, don't be scared...

    Those are the two current Boss Mobs that we will be releasing. Both have special abilities and a insane amount of strength. You're going to want to make sure you're in the best gear to tackle these insane Mobs.

    The Loot:

    Each Mob has a different set of loot. The loot ranges from 1st place - 3rd place. Your place is determined by the amount of damage you do to the mob to cause it to die. If you are in 1st Place you are guaranteed better loot than the 3rd place.

    The Loot ranges from Bedrock, Diamond Blocks, Gen Buckets to Rank Papers/Ability Papers and more! Each position has a different set of loot. You will be given 3 rewards from your positioning upon the death of the Boss. It could be a rank paper + bedrock + diamond blocks. Or it could be genbuckets, money & ore blocks. Completely random!

    PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY spawn the Mob Bosses in the WarZone in the main world, nowhere else.

    Airstrikes is a new feature we're releasing which allows you to spawn a large amount of TNT above the position you placed it in.. And yes, including the WarZone.

    Once you have gained an Airstrike you will be given a Redstone torch which will indicate which type of Airstrike it is. There is currently 2 Airstrikes.

    There is the Regular Airstrike - Which has a large but effective radius.
    There is also the Nuclear Airstrike - Which has an extremely large radius that will effectivly damage if not KILL enemies inside!

    You can use these practically anywhere. I am not going to spoil one incredible use for them, but just think.. It involves a cannon ;)

    They are simple but effective. Don't let them go to waste.

    We have introduced one more Money Pouch. This Money Pouch ranges from an INSANE $5,000,000 starter and you can win UPTO $7,500,000..

    That is not all that is coming with the August Monthly Crate, you can see below the crazy OP rewards that YOU could win through opening a August Monthly Crate from our store which can be found HERE.


    The August Monthly Crate will be released within the next hour or so, you'll be able to purchase it from our store here:


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