First I would like to apologize for the lack of updates and announcements. We are currently busy making a few internal changes on the network. But today I have a highly anticipated announcement.

We are officially ending Factions Amethyst this Friday, 26th of May and 5pm EST. I will take a snapshot of the Factions Top. Prizes will be paid out this weekend to the winners.

With that, we have also been working on many improvements. I am happy to tell you guys that we've completely reworked the way Enderpearls worked. This should make your enderpearls land alot better than what we previously released a few weeks ago.

With this, we've made drastic changes to the performance of certain cannons. We have been aware of the lag spikes from large cannons and have done many optimizations during this time.

The fixes will be released on the next server restarts.



It's almost closer to the start of Summer and that means so many more updates and great things for the server.
Along with the past few additions announced recently, here's another few that mark just the start of a new beginning.

Today I am happy to announce a brand new addition to our amazing set of crate keys!
The contents are exemplified and brand new rewards are introduced.

The Monthly Crate brings a whole new meaning to Overpowered Crates!
But keep in mind, this special crate can only be purchased once a month no matter for what server, so choose wisely.
(ex. Buying a May Crate for Factions Silver means you cannot buy one for any other server color after that)

Chances of winning exclusive tags, special Admin items, ranks, disguises, keys and more are included in these crates.
A new exclusive addition to this crate includes the "Money Pouch".
This is a special item that holds a randomly generated amount of money in each one - more balance to fulfill your gambling addiction.

This update will be deploying to servers, one by one - tonight.


With this new update, a new update to the keys will also be taking place.
Make sure to use up your Golden & Unique Keys by the end of the weekend or they will be lost.


and the rest of TheArchon team.

Today I am going to be announcing the upcoming reset to the server that BenMascott plays known as Factions Amber!

In the first season of Amber we offered up $2500 PayPal F TOP prizes to the first & second Faction along with $500 USD Buycraft Voucher for the 3rd. Here are the results following the announcement that the snapshot will be taken:

1st: We have the Faction Pablo
2nd: We have the Faction "DopeBoys"
3rd: Last but not least, we have the Faction "Pedro"

So now that season is over and done with, let's get into the details of the new season!

Factions Amber will reset Saturday the 6th of May at 3pm EST.

This season will be a cannon only server. Previously we allowed Withers and it turned out to be a huge mistake, if you played, you'd know why so this season we've decided to completely change it to cannon only.

This season will NOT be a PayPal f top prize server, although we will be doing a Buycraft voucher f top prize!

1st place - $500 Buycraft Voucher
2nd place - $250 Buycraft Voucher
3rd place - $100 Buycraft Voucher
* Vouchers will be given to the Faction leaders only. It's upto them how they distribute the money.


  • Brand new kits for Donators
  • New $10 rank
  • No Spawner delay time
  • Factions will now have 3 f warps
  • 50 Max members per/faction
  • 50 Power per/player
  • Flat End (Cannon)
  • Enchantment Fixes

What will be reset:

ALL Faction Data (claims, homes, names and such)
Inventory Data (Enderchest, private vaults & normal inventories)
Duel Elo

What will not be reset:

Crate key balances
Any extra permissions such as private vaults, faction fly, kits etc

I'm sure Ben will have a video up explaining more information on the reset if needs be!

Look forward to seeing the second season of Factions Amber!


So it's been a little while since we did an update!
This was supposed to be released a little while ago but we've been working on a ton of updates in which you'll see very, very #soon.

Before I announce these, all servers will have a within the next hour and a half to fix a major cannon bug, release some performance improvements and a few other minor issues.

Now, onto the updates! This update is aimed at players who are looking to test their luck!

Introducting.. Minesweeper in Minecraft:

Not so many years ago, I would play Minesweeper on my PC for hours, always trying to avoid those damn bombs!

We've been working on ways that will allow users to have fun with their in-game money.
I am happy to bring to you Minesweeper in Minecraft! You will be able to test your luck in our brand new feature.

We have made it extremely easy to use, all it takes is a command and a few clicks and you could be rich or you could lose your money..

The way it works is that you will wager a certain amount of money and there will be X amount of TNT and X amount of Diamonds. If you manage to hit a Diamond that means you have hit the next reward, but if you manage to hit the TNT you will lose all the money you wagered along with any extra you won. Mines are defined via TNT.


Example usage:
/mines 10000 24 - This would mean that there is only 1 diamond and the rest are TNT. If you're extremely lucky and manage to get that diamond, you would profit a huge $190,000 in-game cash!


So, I attempted my luck...


You are able to cash out at anytime via clicking the Chest button or simply closing the inventory.

The default amount of mines is 5.

Now, let's sit back, relax and have a few drinks!

Introducing - TheArchon's Official Drink Store! (Or better known as "The Bar")


This has been in the works for a while. With the help of Curtis and Matt, the developer, a new forum has been created to enhance the player's experience and also solve many issues met with the old forums. With the new website, a portal page now exists with easy access to voting sites, the shop, and forums. Also the new forum is splashed with the red and black color scheme of Archon's logo, and this provides a very clean finish for all to use. This site adds many new features and also will have many new additions in the near future, so that players can post ban appeals, solve transaction problems, and fix other issues much easier than before.

With the new changes, this forum also provides easy access to many of the threads to check up on server rules, tips to being better at factions, guides on server aspects, and also apply for positions within TheArchon.

For information on guides, such as color codes, a list of custom enchants, and customizing faction descriptions, please navigate to the 'Guides' section.

For a list of rules for both the forums and the server, also including a list of mods allowed for players to use on our server, please navigate to the 'Rules' section.

To discuss factions, recruit players, and talk with other players on your server, navigate to the 'Factions Sector' for others who play on your server.

The old forums' design was temporary. Originally set with a basic template/theme, it was never changed by the old administration and many thought it was a bit too plain, so a new design was set in motion to be created and this one looks amazing.

We hope you guys enjoy the new forums and addition to the servers.