TheArchon servers :
  • Infectious Dimension - 2pm
  • Atlantis Dimension - 3pm
  • Kronos Dimension - 4pm
  • Monarch Dimension - 5pm
  • and Oblivion Dimension - 6pm
will all be having their FTop placement results announced this Sunday.
Due to a pending update, all 5 dimensions will have their FTop close on Sunday and prizes rewarded to winners.
Admins will be noting down winning factions at the times listed above..

Please have all your spawners up by this time and have your leaders on at according times.
If the leader is not on, a co-leader is fine as well, but this is the user who will be sending in the paypal email.

Factions that have FTop and try to win multiple placements will have both prizes revoked.
This includes Factions that give FTop to others to have them win prizes as well.

TheArchon Team
Hey Adventurers,

If you haven't already seen these updates, here's a brief announcement about some new updates that have just been released as well as a throwback update that was brought back to life.

The Warlord kit originally was released and taken off, a few seasons ago, but is now back on the server to stay.
Those that purchase the Warlord kit from store.thearchon.net , are able to equip a set of iron armor that gives players the ability to use 'runes'.


These are special items that grant status effects when used, to the wearer and faction members nearby.
Also certain runes can also be used to grant negative status effects to those in enemy factions.


The benefits of the runes come with the fact that the armor is Iron. Fear not, the iron armor is fully enchanted.


Also along with this update, we have also introduced a new update to the King of the Hill event that goes on each day, on all of our servers.


A new command, "/koth schedule", provides players the exact time of upcoming koths, along with the ability to hover over the text to see an exact amount of time until the koth happens.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween.

TheArchon Team

As we have hinted and announced over the course of the last week. We will be resetting The Atlantis Dimension this upcoming weekend!

The Atlantis Dimension will be resetting on the 21st of October this upcoming Saturday! The reset will commence around 12:30 ET!

There will be a 24 hour exclusive sale starting at 12:00am EST on Saturday and ending at 11:59pm on Saturday night! Everything will be on sale like usual including Crate Keys, Monthly Crates, Ranks & so much more!

STORE <--- Click to be linked to our store!

The October Monthly crate will also be released on The Atlantis Dimension this weekend! Information regarding that will be posted below.

The following will NOT be reset:
  • Ranks
  • Commands
  • Special Kits (Special, Miner, Mega etc)
  • Tags

The following WILL be reset:
  • Inventories (Items)
  • Crate Key balances
  • Sethomes
  • Balances
  • Factions Data
  • Private Vaults
  • Spawner Rankup Levels
  • Levels
Yes, if you have won any ranks, kits, perks etc through Crate Keys you WILL keep them on the reset, they are not removed. Any perks/ranks bought through the /levels system will be removed upon the reset.

Here is some misc information for the reset:
Misc Information

  • Member Limits: 30 players per/faction
  • Power: 50 power per/player
  • Allies: 1 Allies
  • 15,000 x 15,000 Main World Border
  • 4,000 x 4,000 End Border
  • 4,000 x 4,000...

Today is update day! We are currently planning to release new updates weekly to TheArchon. Updates can be simple plugin changes that are highly requested, new features or even complete server resets!

With the release of Infectious just one week old, we are already about to release a brand new update that many have been requesting! This weeks update features:

  • Levels Pages (Infectious)
  • Factions Silver Reset (Kronos Dimension)
  • Two Brand New Faction Perms
  • Improved Point gaining system
  • Improved KoTH schedule
  • Fixes and improvements!
While most of these updates and improvements apply to the Infectious Dimension, we have plans for complete global updates. What I can confirm right now is that there will be another Dimension wipe next week! That Dimension being wiped is Atlantis! More information to follow.

With the Kronos Dimension upon us (just over 24 hours to go!) I am happy to announce that we will be running a global 24 hour sale starting from 00:00 ET tonight and it will end at 11:59pm ET on Saturday night! This is a global sale!

You can purchase ranks, perks, kits and October Monthly Crate from our store at a discounted rate:

shop.thearchon.net - 15% sale starts at 00:00 ET!

The first pages of the /levels plugin will be loaded live within the next few hours on The Infectious Dimension! You will be able to achieve the following:
  • Spawners
  • Hoppers
  • Access to limited commands (/coinflip)
  • Ores
  • Trench Pickaxes
  • EXP Levels!
We are not promising each page every week as previous, they will be released in periods with other updates!

We have been talking directly with players and have decided that we need to add more ways to gain points. So we have decided to expand on the Factions Wealth points gained. The following has changed:

Rather than just giving Faction Points to the #1 Faction based on /f wealth we have upped the points...

Today I am extremely happy to finally announce Factions Silver reset! With the reset we will be merging the server to our brand new Dimensions! The official name for Factions Silver will be:

The Kronos Dimension
The Kronos Dimension will be resetting the 14th of October, this coming Saturday! We decided to do the reset on Saturday as it allows ALL players to be around and ready along with no worries of being in pesky school!

We will be releasing the October Monthly to The Kronos Dimension! You can get the monthly, other crate keys, insane ranks and more from our webstore! There will be more information below on the extremely OP Monthly Crate!


This reset we will be making heavily requested changes. We are also allowing the community to decide on the Official Base Rules The Kronos Dimension!

Vote here: https://www.thearchon.net/community/threads/vote-for-base-rules-for-new-season.5508/

This map WILL feature a Factions Top prize! What that amount is will be announced within the next few days, it will be a PayPal/Buycraft prize!

Server Information
The Kronos Dimension will be released at 12:30PM ET on Saturday! Link below to a countdown:


The following will NOT be reset:

  • Ranks
  • Commands
  • Special Kits (Special, Miner, Mega etc)
  • Tags

The following WILL be reset:
  • Inventories (Items)
  • Crate Key...
Hey Adventurers!

Today I'm here to announce the specifics of the Infectious Dimension's public release.
Along with the time of the public release detailed, this post also covers some other information.

Infectious Public Release : 4PM EST | 9PM BST

Along with the public release at 4PM EST, there will be Overworld corner claims being released.
8 of these corners will be released after the public release happens.
These will be released at 2 times - one for NA players and another for EU players

NA Corners being Released - 10/9 (6PM EST | 11PM BST) :

  • -15k, 80, 60 (South Corner of West Road)
  • 15k, 80, -20 (North Corner of East Road)
  • 5, 80, -15k (West Corner of North Road)
  • 80, 80, 15k (East Corner of South Road)
  • -3950, 80, -3950 (Nether Corner)

EU Corners being Released - 10/11 (5PM BST | 12PM EST) :

  • -15k, 80, -10 (North Corner of West Road)
  • 15k, 80, 40 (South Corner of East Road)
  • 80, 80, -15k (East Corner of North Road)
  • 0, 80, 15k (West Corner of South Road)
  • -3950, 80, 3950 (Nether Corner)

Looking forward to seeing new faces and old playing on Infectious.
With these corner claims being released at both NA and EU times, non-donors will have the chance to secure a corner for free and build their base - even with the late start.
Prepare your arsenals for another great season!


Website is finally back online, sorry for the downtime! Let's get straight into this.

There is currently a 25% sale on our shop. You can use this sale to purchase ANYTHING you like on our store (excluding Unbans..)


The Infectious Dimension is releasing TODAY at 6pm ET. It will be released to Donators Only! You can find a link below with a countdown..

This season will come with a HUGE $3500 USD PayPal
Faction Top prize!


Let's start this action packed post by announcing our brand new Monthly Crate - The October 2017 Monthly!
This Crate will be released to The Infectious Dimension only, for today. We will be releasing an alternative Monthly to Oblivion & Monarch this weekend, details to follow!


This is most likely our most OP crate we've ever released. Including the BRAND NEW BOTS, Spawners, Keys, Boosters & MUCH MUCH MORE!

The reason for the name being "The Infectious Dimension" is due to our systems being infected by AI.. This is not your regular AI system that infects you, this AI system is actually helpful...


TheArchon Robots!

We know how frustrating it is to mine out your base while another Faction is attacking you or even just keep grinding those mobs! We've developed a system that is helpful to everybody.


/bot - This will open a GUI with all the tools required to use the bot system.


Bots come packed with 4 modes:

Mining - Each tier of Bot will have an increased mining rate. Tier 1 will mine considerably slower than Tier 3.

Grinding - This bot will automatically grind Mobs for you. They will only attack mobs that are spawned from Spawners or Mob Eggs! Each Tier has an increased looting.

Chunk Loader -...
⚔ Monthly Top Voters
⚔ September 2017

Hey Adventurers!
Another month has come by and October is next. The server is undergoing a few updates and resets/new servers are coming as well. Halloween is coming up soon and Fall has just begun recently.
Here's a congratulations to those who made September's Top 5 Monthly Voters list.

TheArchon team truly thanks each and every one of you for taking the time and voting for TheArchon.
For the start of October, double rewards are on for the first 12 hours, starting at 10AM EST, on October 1st.
Remember to get those votes in and get ready for another action-packed month.

Link to vote :

[​IMG] 1. Rocketman059 - $50 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 2. OGRandy - $40 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 3. OctofyHD - $30 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 4. 94k - $20 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 5. JakePauul - $10 Coupon Code

Winners please add me on Discord : Hydra#3886

Looking forward to October.
Many more updates to come!


Sorry for the lack of announcements and information posted over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work developing and planning the next season of Factions! With that, there will be a video from Brayden tonight giving you all the information in regards to the current season of Factions for the $5,000 Factions Top Prize!

The September Crate will be on the store within the next hour or two and will be available on all servers! The September Monthly crate will last until October and you will only be allowed to purchase 1 of them on the whole network.

Here is what the contents of the September Monthly crate hold:


We have tried to change the keys up and have less money pouches and more awesome features!

You can purchase this from our store: shop.thearchon.net

There will be a post during this weekend giving you the information about the new season and possibly some leaks for the next season, it's looking spicy!


⚔ Monthly Top Voters
⚔ August 2017

Hey Adventurers!
Another month has come by and September is next. Lots of servers have reset and many new changes have been deployed onto the servers as well. School has started for many of our players, but there are many more updates in the works still.
Here's a congratulations to those who made August's Top 5 Monthly Voters list.

TheArchon team truly thanks each and every one of you for taking the time and voting for TheArchon.
For the start of September, double rewards are on for the first 12 hours, starting at 10AM EST, on September 1st.
Remember to get those votes in and get ready for another action-packed month.

Link to vote :

[​IMG] 1. 94k - $50 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 2. WitherUrWalls - $40 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 3. Giantwolf55- $30 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 4. Kingmaster070- $20 Coupon Code
[​IMG] 5. Wille_BUA - $10 Coupon Code

You will all be receiving your coupon codes via /mail or ingame message so look out for that

Looking forward to September.
Many more updates to come!