So I'm just gonna make a quick small statement about yesterdays crate key all and then I will get straight into the updates!

As many of you were aware, yesterday the 22nd of July, a Crate Key all happened on our servers as announced in Rushers video. I would first like to state that it was NOT promised to be a certain type of key. You were told EITHER a Normal Crate Key or an Ultimate Crate Key. You were not promised nor told a quantity of keys that were going to be given out.

Last night I wasn't online for the majority of what happened, but as many are aware we hit an insane playercount which we're extremely thankful for. I was called to come home while I was in the middle of a club with some friends (I know, me? In a club? LUL) to what was a huge network outage. I came home and it had restored itself. But obviously there were many, many upset and angry users because they had waited all day. I eventually did give the key out to around 1,600 players at the time across all of the network. It was 1 Normal key & 1 Common key. I then gave out 5 more Common keys, yes these keys are gained from voting. But they also do have usual items in them such as ranks and other crate keys.

To cut a long story short: Many players are mad that we only gave a single key out after what had happened. So with this, I am not making any sort of promises or a formal announcement right now, but I will speak with Rusher and possibly doing 1 more crate key sometime before summer ends. This is not confirmed until I make a tweet/post or Rusher mentions it in a video. It will most likely be another Normal key to make up for it, which would add up to 2 Normal keys given out. But as I said, I'll talk and see what I can do.

Now that is out of the way. Let's get into this update!

As promised in the video from Brayden we have the following releases/updates this week, they are mainly for the Phantom/Atlantis dimension. But we are working on...

As many of you are already aware, Factions Aqua will be reset. With that, we will also be renaming the server to "The Skyline Dimension". All the rank names will stay the same for now, but they will most likely change in the future.

Reminder: There is currently a 25% sale active on our store right now!
This plans to end this weekend, so grab your crate keys, ranks, extra perks while you can at a discounted price!

Anyway, onto the reset.

It will be resetting TODAY the 13th of July at 5pm EST.
I would like to apologize for the terribly late post. It's my fault and I own up to it, but I did set a whitelist message informing of the reset day when we shut it down.

All Crate Key Balances will be reset on The Skyline Dimension.

The server will have a Factions Top prize which will compete in a 5 Faction v 5 Faction from The Phantom Dimension. The top 5 Factions from each dimension will compete in a series of events and the winners will be chosen from there.

This means 2 Factions from Skyline and 3 from Phantom could win the $5,000 Factions Top prize. We will announce closer to the closing date when we will be making the final snapshot of the data so we can start the events.

With that, The Skyline Dimension will be gaining a ton of new features:

- Brand new Custom Enchantments system
- Unique way to upgrade Book Tiers - The Levelizer
- Conquest (Access is bought through ingame money)
- Castle (Access is bought through ingame money)

Already released:
- Mob Spawner Leveling System
- Player Leveling System for rewards
- Brand New July Monthly Crate
- Archon Mines - MineSweeper in Minecraft (Access is bought through ingame money)
- Coinflip (Access is bought through ingame money)
- ShopGUI
& much more!

We first introduced Custom Enchantments just over a year ago here on TheArchon and it was a sensational hit, everybody...

Today I am happy to present to you the official announcement for the new season of Factions... The Phantom Dimension.

As you maybe aware, we're taking TheArchon is a new direction, hence the new names for our servers and we're super stoked to let you in on more information on that in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned!

The Phantom Dimension will be donator only starting Tuesday the 11th of July. It will be released to the public on Friday the 14th of July at 12pm EST.

We currently have an exclusive 25% sale on our store, this sale is active on ALL packages for the first time ever:

Now, let's get into the information that we're all here for.. The features of The Phantom Dimension.

We have based this new season of Factions around the grinding aspect of Minecraft & Factions. With that, here is a breif lowdown on the features, it will include already released updates:

- Brand new Custom Enchantments system
- Unique way to upgrade Book tiers - The Levelizer
- Conquest (Access is bought through ingame money)
- Castle (Access is bought through ingame money)
- Mob Spawner Levelling System
- Player Levelling System for rewards
- Brand new Monthly Crate
- Archon Mines - MineSweeper in Minecraft (Access is bought through ingame money)
- Coinflip (Access is bought through ingame money)
- ShopGUI
& much more!

Before we get into the detailed features, both Napkin and I have released information posts which you can read here:

Base / Cannon information:

Faction / Misc Information:

We first introduced Custom Enchantments just over a year ago here on TheArchon and it was a sensational hit, everybody loved it. We decided that we wanted to...

As the Phantom release is rapidly approaching many users are requesting we announce the Faction Information for the next season.

In regards to the Base Rules & Cannon Rules, Napkin has released a forum announcement with the rules all stated there which you can find here:

Now, onto the misc information for the new season!

Faction Information:

Faction Member Limit: 50 members per/faction
Power Per/Player: 50 Power per/player
Ally/Truce limits: 1 Ally per/Faction. No Truces allowed.

You will login with the FULL 50 power.

Misc Information:
All borders will be adjusted to the closest chunk. Example: 15,000 becomes 15,008

Overworld Limit: 15,000 x 15,000
Nether Limit: 3,000 x 3,000
End Limit: 4,000 x 4,000
End Type: Cannon (Bedrock Y:1 Endstone Y:51)
God Apple Cooldown: 1 minute
Server Type: Cannon

Donator kits & ranks will be majorly improved for this season compared to other seasons. $20 rank and the $50 rank will be enabled on our store tomorrow along with a 25% store sale.


Server will be releasing around 3pm EST on Tuesday. We have invested in improved hardware for this server, if we see a significant improvement, we will deploy the new hardware to the current servers too.

NOTE: We have now purged our bans database. If you are found working with/teamed with a player that is banned for Chargeback or blacklisted, you/your faction will be punished appropriately.


Attention Factions
Once the ban reset happens and new seasons start up, if you are caught with a member who is ban evading for Chargeback and it's clear that you - the player - knows said player is committing said offense, you will be subject to a punishment.
This includes players like TheLumber and Sspazz - among others.

This can include several types of punishments including a faction disband.
Larger factions have already been warned about this, after messaging me about wanting to come back, despite having members banned for Chargeback.

I will investigate all reports and if you are found to be sheltering a player who is ban evading a Chargeback ban, your faction will be punished swiftly. No negotiation will take place for any factions caught with said members.

Please consider if you really think it is worth building a base, to get disbanded because of one member's mistake.

Today I am happy to announce the brand new Monthly Crate: July 2017 version. This will be launching tomorrow (Saturday) on all servers apart from Factions Aqua.

We will be enabling the new July crate on Factions Aqua once the server has been reset, we don't want you to waste the purchase on a map that will be ending very shortly. (a leak?)

In this crate we are introducing XP Rewards, mcMMO credits and a brand new reward which has never been used on TheArchon - Coupon Codes!

Here is the Monthly Crate July 2017 Edition in it's glory:


Action packed with so many awesome goodies. You will be able to purchase this crate on our store on Saturday. This will also be available to purchase on the new server The Phantom Dimension.

All servers will have access to /redeem as all servers obtain mcMMO to utilise the new fishing abilities and rewards, you can redeem the mcMMO credits on all skills (if the server has them enabled) or only the Fishing skill.

Also, incase you missed it, we've had a TON of new awesome announcements posted over the last few days which include the rewards in the new major buffed crate keys & a huge announcement about our bans!

Crate key announcement:
Ban list reset & leaks:

Thanks for all your amazing support recently!


As many are now aware we have completely redone our Crate key rewards, massively improved them and made the odds more friendly. And yes, the Goliath Rank is still possible to win..

I am just making this quick post to inform you of what you can actually win in the new and improved keys! Please note: Golden Keys & Unique Keys are no longer in use!

Goliath Rank (Paper Reward)

$600 Rank (Paper Reward)

$350 Rank (Paper Reward)

$175 Rank (Paper Reward)

Access to the Fix Package (Fixhand & Fix All)

Access to Stack Potions (Excludes Splash Potions)

Access to the Creeper & Limited Charged Creeper Disguise

Access to the Endermite Disguise

Access to Sell Hand & Sell Inventory (Paper Reward)

Mega Spawners

  • 7x Iron Golem Spawners
  • 7x Blaze Spawners
  • 7x Creeper Spawners
  • 7x Zombie Spawners
Tier 5 Money Pouch ($1,000,000 - $5,000,000)

Goliath Rank

$175 Rank

$50 Rank

10x Ultimate Keys

Access to TNTFill & TNTCraft

Access to the Miner kit

Iron Golem Disguise

Enderman Disguise

48 Bedrock

12 Blaze Spawners

4 Iron Golem Spawners

64 'God' Apples

$300 Kit (One-time)

$175 Kit (One-time)

512x Obsidian

48 Creeper Eggs + $50,000 IGM

Tier 4 Money Pouch ($500,000 - $1,000,000)

Tier 3 Money Pouch ($100,000 - $500,000)

$100 Rank

$20 Rank

5x Ultimate Keys

1x Mega Key

Baby Zombie Disguise

Wither Skeleton Disguise

32 Bedrock

4 Normal Keys

4 Blaze Spawners

1 Iron Golem Spawner

32 'God' Apples

$100 Kit (One-time)

$50 Kit (One-time)

256 Obsidian

16 Creeper Eggs + $25,000

Tier 1 Money Pouch ($1,000 - $20,000)

Tier 2 Money Pouch ($20,000 - $100,000)

We will have a brand new and incredibly OP Monthly Crate released very, very soon for you guys! Keep an eye on our Twitter & Forums for updates!

We're doing a $75 Gift Card giveaway on...

Today's post is going to be interesting and surprise everybody! But I am happy to announce that after many many months of discussion and debating it, we are officially clearing TheArchon's ban list.

But before we talk about that, I am going to be leaking some information about the new season..

There will be a video this weekend from Brayden regarding the new season. We will be telling you the Factions Top prize, the name and what some of the features are going to be. With that, I am happy to announce the following:

The server will be named: "The Phantom Dimension"

Tuesday 11th of July - The Phantom Dimension is released.
There will be a closed BETA to users who purchase ranks up until Friday morning.

25% sale on our store from Monday. I will tell you when it ends in the official announcement post.

Brand new Monthly crate releasing to Phantom Dimension and all other servers

$5,000 Factions Top Prize (PayPal)

And much, much more.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are to not only see a fresh new season, but to see Brayden back on TheArchon.

Now, onto the bans!

We will be doing an official Network unban of all servers this Sunday, the 9th of July. So if you have been banned for hacking, disrespectful name, racism/swearing, disallowed mods etc then you WILL be unbanned.

You will NOT be unbanned if you are on our Blacklisted users list & if you have previously made any form of Chargeback to TheArchon, even if you lost the chargeback. This is stated in the terms and conditions of the purchase.

We look forward to seeing many users return for the new season and many old faces!

We are going to be doing rank giveaways, key giveaways and much more on our Twitter over the weekend & release of The Phantom Dimension. So make sure to follow it:



Today I will be letting you in some information regarding the brand new season coming to TheArchon along with announcing the closure of 3 servers.

Let's get straight into the transfers!

On the 3rd of July (Monday) we will be closing the following servers and allowing all rank/permission transfers to all current servers.

The following servers are being closed:

Factions Amethyst
Factions Amber
Factions Royal

If you have purchased a rank or achieved any extra permissions such as fly, disguises etc either by purchasing them or winning them in keys, they will be transferred to the desired server.

Now.. onto a little announcement about the next season of Factions!

There have been a few leaks, a few sneaky videos from different YouTubers some-what informing you of next season.. They are correct, there WILL be another season of Factions. The season WILL be recorded by Brayden (TheCampingRusher) and I assure you, it will be more than 3 episodes long.

With that, what I can tell you is that the new season is very, very close.. By that I mean within the next two weeks, or maybe one week.. Wait and find out.. Prior to the announcement we will be releasing a video on Brayden's channel providing you some information on the new season along with the dates & name of the season.

We are still finishing up the new season which is why it currently has not been released. Myself along with the head staff on TheArchon are extremely excited to bring you a new season of Factions and hope to make it the best one yet!

More news to follow..



PS. Sorry for the super-duper early morning post.

This post is going to contain all the information regarding the upcoming reset for Factions Silver which will happen this Saturday, 24th of June at around 12pm EST.

We are making drastic changes and working on adding new and enjoyable features for all players to enjoy. One of the things we are changing this reset. With this all servers will now be full cannon servers. As a community poll was posted it was decided that we will be disabling Withers on all servers during the new set of resets.

Factions Top Prizes:

We will be taking a snapshot of the F top list at 5pm EST on the 23rd of June.

What you WILL keep during this reset:
  • In-game ranks
  • Any extra purchased tags, commands and abilities
  • Separate Kits
What you WILL NOT keep:
  • Inventories (this includes Private Vaults, Enderchest contents etc)
  • Balances
  • Faction Data
  • Homes
This season of Factions Silver will involve a money prize. The prize(s) will be as follows:

1st - $500 USD PayPal
2nd - $250 USD PayPal
3rd - 100 USD Buycraft

Let's get into the changes in the summer reset:

  • Revamped Enchantments
  • Implementing CoinFlip (More detail below)
  • Implement Lottery (More detail below)
  • Re-implementing Archon Spawner Levels
  • Extremely improved Cannon performance
  • Improved Enderpearls
  • Brand new Shop system (Shop GUI, more detail below)
  • Fishing rewards (More detail below)
  • Extremely improved Printer
  • Improved Crate Keys (IMPORTANT: Read below)

Crate Key changes:

I have been working on improving our Crate Key rewards for a while now, I also promised a few weeks back of a key that can be gained via in-game methods only. This Key will be named the "Common Crate Key" which can be gained through various of ways which include voting & fishing. All of this will be implemented & more during these resets. I will make a separate post in the upcoming days announcing...